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Brinlays' new Stain Sealer a HUGE SUCCESS !!

Brinlays' New "Stain-Cover"is causing a lot of excitement!
Trade painters are switching over from the expensive alternative in a BIG way after trying it only once!
APAS - Australian Paint Approval Scheme - What this means to you, our customer!
APAS - Australian Paint Approval Scheme - What this means to you, our customer!

This is a set of PAINT STANDARDS issued by the Federal Government and administered by the CSIRO.
Our newest large format store opened in early 2010 at 178 to 180 Main St Blacktown and has proven to be very popular with Trade Painters and DIY customers alike,


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Premium Elastomeric Membrane

Premium Elastomeric Membrane

Brinlay Membrane is an acrylic based thick composition coating that has been carefully formulated to provide an elastomeric membrane to form a barrier to water penetration.

Due to the selection of ingredients, the finish can be applied by trowel, applicator brush or roller in very heavy coats for 2-3mm in thickness, and certainly at least 2 coats are necessary to provide an even film of 3-4mm dry for best results.

The finish, when dry, provides a soft lustre coating which can be left natural, painted over with Brin-a-Impact, 100% Acrylic Satin or Low Lustre, or even Slate, Tile & Cement Clear Glaze, applied using a suitable adhesive.

SUITABILITY: Membrane is ideal where external dampness may penetrate and cause damage to underneath areas.
The coating can be used internally or externally direct onto concrete, off-form concrete, bricks, or hardboard. However, on very smooth steel trowelled glazed surfaces, it is recommended that the finish is reduced 15% with water and a primer coat be applied prior to (2) full applications direct from the container.
Membrane will not stop water under hydrostatic pressure and is not suitable on surfaces that will continually remain wet.

APPLICATION: Use direct from can, and DO NOT THIN unless using as a primer coat as previously stated.
Membrane should be applied when the atmospheric temperature is above 10°C and below 50% humidity, or in the late afternoon when the temperature may fall below 10°C, stopping the correct film formation of the coating.
It is also advisable not to apply in temperatures above 35°C or to very hot surfaces (these can be dampened with water to reduce heat).
Due to the thickness of the membrane, it will take 24 hours to harden and should be protected from direct rain during this time. However, in most circumstances, it will be dry to touch in 1 hour, and able to be recoated in 4 hours. Apply 2-3 coats for best results.
Apply to clean surfaces free from dust, powders and contaminants such as greases or oil that will effect the adhesion and life of the coating.

CLEAN UP: Use clean water.

LIFE OF COATING: Spreading should be at no more than 1.5 sq. metres per litre, which will give a dry film thickness of 3-4mm in two coats. Two coats should always be applied.