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Premium Brin-A-Tex


Brin-a-Tex is a tough styrene-acrylic texture finish suitable for protective exterior and decorative interior surfaces. The unique properties in Brin-a-tex allow a variety of texture finishes to be created, depending on the application method used. IMPORTANT: Brin-a-tex is NOT a paint. It has been designed as a high build texture coating. To achieve the desired texture, Brin-a-tex must be applied in the quantities specified, using the equipment designated.


Brin-a-Tex is suitable for use on all masonry surfaces, timber and fibrous sheeting, as well as internal plaster. It dries to a matt finish, and is available in a wide range of colours.


Gloss Selection Guide
Flat to Low Sheen depending on texture.

Colour: White.

Tools Required: Smooth: Long-nap lambswool roller; Medium: Medium texture roller; Coarse: Coarse texture roller.
For best results: PRACTICE. Using a clean piece of scrap board, practice until you achieve a uniform texture. Practice material can be scraped off and remixed back into the container within 30 minutes. Load the roller with a thick coating. Apply an even heavy coat using medium pressure, over a small area, approximately 1 – 1.5 m². Then re-roll the material (usually in the opposite direction) to create an even finish. Note: When finishing, all roller strokes should be in the one direction. Always work across the shortest width of the wall or ceiling. Care should be taken to always maintain a wet edge, and when applying the next section, only roll over the previous coated area by approximately 150mm. For cornices, missed areas and cutting in, a finish similar to a roller can be achieved by dabbing or stippling the Brin-a-Tex on with a brush. On ceilings, always work away from the source of natural light. For walls, work from top to bottom.
Satin and Gloss Finishes: For areas subject to high wear and tear, or where a satin or gloss finish is required, Brin-a-tex can be over-coated with 2 coats of Brinlay Sunguard Semigloss or Gloss Acrylic finishes. For more material usages, please refer to applicable drum labels.

Coverage: Smooth:1 lt = approx 2 m²; Medium:1 lt = approx. 1.3 m²; Coarse:1 lt = approx 1 m²

Thinning: Up to 100ml of clean water per litre for spraying or application to very porous surfaces.

Drying: Because of the film thickness, Bruin-a-tex will take between 6-12 hours to dry, depending on weather conditions and texture style.

Clean Up: Water and detergent. Dried spots can be removed using General Purpose Thinners.


Previously Painted Surfaces:

  • Ensure all surfaces are cleaned of dirt, dust, powder, grease, oil, smoke stains, cooking residues, polishes and materials detrimental to the finish and adhesion of the new paints by washing with water and detergent or sugar soap (as appropriate), rinse clean any residues.
  • Sterilise mould or moss with bleach or Brinlay Fungicidal Wash.
  • Fill surface holes with an appropriate filler and sand to match existing surface. Sand all gloss and semigloss paints to a flat look. Remove flaked, cracked, peeling and poorly adhered unsound paints which should be tested as follows:
  • Test surface at random by cutting a small cross (X) through the existing paints. Apply and press down firmly a piece of sticky tape over the cut. Hold the end of the tape and rip off. If the paint is removed, check other areas. Paints consistently failing test or, if any doubt to their adhesion, should be completely removed.
  • Powdering paints should be washed down with sugar soap and have one coat of Brinlay Binder & Conditioner applied.
  • Kalsomine surfaces should be thoroughly scrubbed and washed to remove all traces, then primed with Surface Binder Conditioner.
  • New Cement Render surfaces should be allowed 6-8 weeks to cure before coating.

New Interior Surfaces (Plasterboard):
Apply one coat Brinlay Plasterboard Sealer or one coat Brinlay 100% Acrylic Primer.


For detailed information, refer to the product label and the current Material Safety Data Sheet available through Brinlay Paints.

Flammability: This product is non-flammable. Store and use away from sources of heat and ignition.

Toxicity: Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, lead free and non-hazardous.


4 litre and 15 litre
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