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Premium Brin-A-Impact

Premium Brin-A-Impact

Brin-a-Impact is a high build, tough, pure acrylic coating for decorating, restoring and protecting internal and external surfaces.

The hard finish makes it resistant to dirt, grime, scuffing and hard knocks where its expected to withstand heavy traffic and requiring frequent cleaning. It is highly durable, will withstand extreme weather conditions and, due to its high building ingredients, provides a thick film to resist the penetration of water and the growth of mould or fungi in the bridges of small gaps and cracks.

Brin-a-Impact dries to low gloss and is available in most colours from the Brinlay Colour Card.


Brin-a-Impact is ideal for application to walls, balustrades, beams, columns, entrances, halls, rooms, work or food processing areas, laundries and factories.

It can be applied to metallic surfaces, provided the correct priming system is applied. Surfaces subjected to hydrostatic pressure should not be painted. Ideal for direct application to concrete, bricks off-form concrete and most common building materials.


Best results are achieved by using directly from the container by airless spray or roller.

The coating should only be applied in temperatures greater than 10°C and below 50% humidity and not applied in the late afternoons when temperatures could fall below 10°C, which will stop the film formation of the coating. Normally the coating will dry to touch in 1 hour and hard dry in 4 hours. The coating also should not be applied in temperatures greater than 35°C or when extremely windy. The coating takes 24 hours to become resistant to moisture.

The surfaces being painted should be clean and free from dust, powders, grease and contaminants that may effect the adhesion and life of the coating.


To achieve maximum results, the coating should be applied at 6-8 sq. metres per litre by airless spray or roller, direct from the container.

CLEAN UP: Use clean water.

LIFE OF COATING: Brin-a-Impact will last 12-15 years, however deterioration occurs slowly by powdering on the surface. In practice, provided substrate defects don’t occur or excess moisture from below doesn’t effect its adhesion, the coating could last for decades.