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Slate, Tile & Driveway Clear

Brinlay Slate, Tile and Driveway Clear provides a tough surface layer which seals in the natural colours and gives long lasting beauty and protection to a wide range of surfaces around the home. It also forms an impervious layer to resist penetration from spillages such as oil, grease or food. It will help bind exposed aggregate and pebblecrete while strengthening masonry surfaces against eroding and dusting.
The heavy duty formulation contains an effective UV barrier, which ensures that the finish remains clear over time, and does not yellow on exposure to sunlight. It can withstand normal domestic traffic and is tough enough to resist Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces including exposed aggregate, slate, pebble finishes, concrete (including stamped), clay pavers, unglazed quarry tiles, brick, sandstone and other decorative surfaces, both for interior and exterior walls, verandahs, courtyards, driveways and paths.

CAUTION: Brinlay Slate, Tile and Driveway Clear is NOT recommended on glazed quarry tiles, rubber, vinyl, linoleum, areas exposed to salt water (e.g. saltwater pool surrounds), timber surfaces (decking) and bitumen. NOT recommended for areas exposed to direct flames or extreme heat (e.g. Barbecue and fireplace surrounds).

PREPARATION: Before application, ensure surface is thoroughly dry and free from dirt, grease, wax, efflorescence (white salts) and any dust, loose flaking material, moss and mould. Wash the surface with warm water and a household detergent. If necessary, particularly on previously coated slate in a sound condition, ensure removal of any grease, oil, wax or polish with mineral turps, or completely remove the previous coating, prior to re-coating. A household bleach will remove any traces of moss or mould.

NOTE: New concrete surfaces should be left to cure for approximately 4 – 6 weeks. All cracks or damaged areas should be repaired prior to application. Smooth trowelled concrete surfaces should be acid etched to ensure maximum adhesion of the coating. Allow all new grouting to dry for at least 2 weeks prior to finishing.

PERSONAL PROTECTION: Wear safety glasses, long sleeves and chemical resistant gloves. Approved respiration should be used. Make sure there is good ventilation.

FLAMMABLE LIQUID: Class 3.2. Keep away from heat sparks and naked flames.

FIRST AID: If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Give a glass of water and seek medical advice. If the product comes in contact with the eyes, irrigate with copious amounts of water for minimum 15 minutes, or until irritation subsides. Seek medical advice if necessary. If irritation of the skin occurs, immediately wash with soap and water. Remove contaminated clothing, including shoes.

APPLICATION: Wool or Mohair roller, quality brush or spray Stir contents thoroughly prior to use, and avoid application in hot, windy conditions or when temperature is below 10ºC. Use a quality brush or roller.
Brinlay Slate, Tile and Driveway Clear is a heavy duty self-priming finish which requires two coats on interior surfaces. For exterior areas subjected to extreme traffic, or on very porous surfaces, we recommend four coats. To improve the adhesion on non-porous surfaces, such as slate and unglazed quarry tiles, thin the first coat with up to 30% thinners and then apply a coat of Brinlay Slate, Tile and Driveway Clear unthinned.
Normal application in 12ºC to 30ºC.

NOTE: Proper maintenance of the coated surface will prolong the life of the finish. Before re-coating the surface, remove any oil or grease spills by washing the surface down with a rag dampened with Mineral Turps. Do NOT use thinners or any other lacquer thinner as these will remove the protective coating.
For most other spillages, thoroughly wash down the surface with water and a household detergent.

DRYING TIME: Normal drying time is 1 – 2 hours, depending on weather conditions. Allow at least 3 hours between coats. Floors should not be walked on during the first 4 hours, and areas such as floors, driveways and garage floors should not be subjected to heavy traffic (including car traffic) for 24 hours.

COVERAGE: Each litre will cover approximately 10 – 12 square metres on smooth surfaces, and approximately 5 – 6 square metres on porous surfaces including pebble surfaces.

CLEAN UP: Wash equipment and thin if necessary with Brinlay General Purpose Thinners.



PACKAGING: Available in 1, 4 and 20 litre metal containers.

UN No.                   : 1263
Hazchem               : 3 [Y]
Packaging Group : III

If stripping the surface proved to be difficult, roughen a small portion of the surface with a stainless steel wool or nylon scourer. Apply Tile, Slate & Driveway Clear and allow to dry for at least 2 hours. If there is no problem with adhesion and appearance, repeat over the entire surface.

NOTE: If the slate is not fully dry, a whitening of the Brinlay Tile, Slate and Driveway Clear can occur. Very wet slate can take some days to dry.

CAUTIONS: Wear gloves during application. Use of a respirator during application is recommended for people with an asthmatic condition, or when applying in confined areas. Use a RC56 cartridge for the “protector” respirator, available form industrial safety equipment suppliers.