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Trim Colours

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Premium Oil Based Binder & Conditioner

Premium Oil Based Binder & Conditioner


An oil-based product which assists in bonding cracked paint back to the base surface, bonding edges of paint where repairs have been carried out, ties up small deposits of powdered paint which cannot be removed.
NB. This product will not penetrate unbroken paint film to stick down poorly adhered paints.


Gloss Selection Guide (when viewing at 60º angle to surface)
Approximately 1%

Colour: White.

Application: Brush or roller. Provide adequate ventilation. Temperature should be above 10ºC. Early exposure to steam, overnight dew, rain or hosing may result in damage or removal of the coating.

Coverage: Approx. 16 sq. metres per litre.

Thinning: Mineral turpentine according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Drying: Allow 48 hours between coats.

Clean Up: Mineral turpentine.

Flash Point: This product is flammable. Store and use away from sources of heat and ignition.

Toxicity: Lead free. Dry film is non-toxic.

Available in 20ltr – 10ltr – 4ltr – 1ltr