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Premium Acrylic Stop Stain Sealer

Premium Acrylic Stop Stain Sealer

This flat 100% acrylic finish is specially formulated to hold back stains caused by tars, bitumen, black Japan stain, smoke and oil stains prior to repainting. It may be used for all inside and outside applications, to all types of suitably prepared surfaces suffering from stains. Some water soluble stains will bleed through Stop Stain Sealer and require an alternate system (eg. Oil Based Sealer). It is particularly recommended for use as a sealer on brickwork where some face bricks will show staining when overcoated with some acrylic systems.

Stop Stain Sealer is not suitable for use over old type stained and varnished woodwork carrying a waxed finish, as it will easily chip when knocked. It may be tinted to pastel colours. Excess tinters must be avoided, as detergents present can cause wetting and bleeding of stains.


All surfaces to be painted must be thoroughly dry, clean and free from dust, grease and other contamination. Where mould is present, the surfaces must be treated with an algaecide. Kalsomine or powdery surfaces must be thoroughly rubbed down until all powder is removed. In severe cases, surfaces should be treated with Brinlay Surface Binder and Conditioner before undercoating.


Stir well before use with a broad paddle. May be applied with a brush, roller or spray direct from the can.


Touch dry in 30 minutes, recoat after approximately 2 hours. In low temperature conditions or in damp humid weather, drying times may be extended. Do not apply if the temperature is below 10ºC or if it is likely that the temperature will fall below this level during the drying period.


Will cover approximately 14 square metres per litre. On rough or absorbent surfaces this will be reduced.


Provide adequate ventilation during application and drying. Keep out of reach of children. Do not dispose of waste paint or cleaning effluent through the drain. Keep in sealed containers for disposal in accordance with local regulations.

If Swallowed: Drink plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Eye Contact: Rinse with running water. Seek medical advice if irritation persists.