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5 Star Semi Gloss Acrylic

5 Star Semi Gloss Acrylic


Brinlay Premium Semigloss Acrylic is a durable, tough and scrubbable product which is recommended for busy areas that take some knocks: children’s rooms, rumpus rooms, also ideal for steamy and greasy areas such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. Dries to a crisp satin sheen level.


All interior walls and ceilings where a washable satin finish is required, particularly in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.


Gloss Selection Guide (when viewing at 60º angle to surface)
Approximately 20 – 30% at 60°

Colour: Can be tinted to a wide range of colours from a white base.

Application: Brush, roller or spray. Provide adequate ventilation. Temperature should be above 10ºC. Early exposure to steam, overnight dew, rain or hosing may result in damage or removal of the coating.

Coverage: Approx. 14 – 16 sq. metres per litre.

Thinning: Up to 100ml of clean water per litre for spraying or application to very porous surfaces.

Drying: Touch dry in 30 minutes. Recoat 2 hours on a day of 25ºC and 50% relative humidity, but will be longer in adverse conditions.

Clean Up: Water and detergent. Dried spots can be removed using Brinlay General Purpose Thinners.


Previously Painted Surfaces:

  • Ensure all surfaces are cleaned of dirt, dust, powder, grease, oil, smoke stains, cooking residues, polishes and materials detrimental to the finish and adhesion of the new paints by washing with water and detergent or sugar soap (as appropriate), rinse clean any residues.
  • Sterilise mould or moss with bleach or Brinlay Fungicidal Wash.
  • Fill surface holes with an appropriate filler and sand to match existing surface. Sand all gloss and semigloss paints to a flat look. Remove flaked, cracked, peeling and poorly adhered.
  • unsound paints which should be tested as follows:
  • Test surface at random by cutting a small cross (X) through the existing paints. Apply and press down firmly a piece of sticky tape over the cut. Hold the end of the tape and rip off. If the paint is removed, check other areas. Paints consistently failing test or, if any doubt to their adhesion, should be completely removed.
  • Powdering paints should be washed down with sugar soap and have one coat of Brinlay Binder & Conditioner applied.
  • Poor surfaces or dark colours should be undercoated with Brinlay 100% Undercoat Sealer before application of Brinlay Semi Gloss Acrylic.

New Interior Surfaces (Plasterboard): Apply one coat Brinlay Plasterboard Sealer or one coat Brinlay 100% Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat. Finish with 1 – 2 coats Brinlay Semi Gloss Acrylic.


For detailed information, refer to the product label and the current Material Safety Data Sheet available through Brinlay Paints.

Flammability: This product is non-flammable. Store and use away from sources of heat and ignition.

Toxicity: Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, lead free and non-hazardous.


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