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"Brinlay's Premium Range of Paints are regularly tested against all leading paint brands to ensure equal or better quality, but cost much less"
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65 Waratah Street
Kirrawee NSW 2232
Ph: 02 9521 8777
Fax: 02 9521 4797

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Brinlays' new Stain Sealer a HUGE SUCCESS !!

Brinlays' New "Stain-Cover"is causing a lot of excitement!
Trade painters are switching over from the expensive alternative in a BIG way after trying it only once!
APAS - Australian Paint Approval Scheme - What this means to you, our customer!
APAS - Australian Paint Approval Scheme - What this means to you, our customer!

This is a set of PAINT STANDARDS issued by the Federal Government and administered by the CSIRO.
Our newest large format store opened in early 2010 at 178 to 180 Main St Blacktown and has proven to be very popular with Trade Painters and DIY customers alike,


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Trim Colours

Trim Colours

Wood Stains

Wood Stains

Brinlay Paints News

Brinlay Paints now APAS certified
Brinlay Paints is now a recognised manufacturer with the Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS). Brinlay Paints have been assessed against all criteria required for the scheme and has been found to fully comply. Consequently, the company and the manufacturing site based in Kirrawee have been admitted to the Australian Paint Approval Scheme as a recognised manufacturer.
This confirms the high standrad to which Brinlay manufacturing adheres to and due to Brinlay maintaining low overheads, means you can purchase "Quality Paint at Sensible Prices".
6 Jan 2010 - 19:30 by admin XNews | comments (172)

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