Brinlay's Quality Policy

Brinlay Paints is a 100% Australian owned company manufacturing from its base in Sydney.

Established in the early 1960s as a decorative surface coatings organisation, Brinlay Paints is aware this requires complete customer satisfaction. To ensure this, Brinlay Paints has made a commitment to comply with the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001 and to a process of continual improvement to produce " Quality Products at Sensible Prices."

The adoption of ISO9001 and Brinlay Paints’ commitment to continual improvement sets up the framework to achieve our fundamental objective of “100% Customer satisfaction” and to produce “quality products at sensible prices”. We believe that this is attainable by: -

To achieve our objectives Brinlay Paints maintains a strategic planning process that sets quality objectives and continually reviews and updates our quality processes. This encompasses not only reviewing and adopting the latest technologies in our products and constantly reviewing our formulations but seeks to constantly improve the way we produce and deliver our product to the customer.

Brinlay Paints manufactures from a centralised production site, allowing staff and management to work closely as a team. All employees are made aware of the importance of the company’s quality objectives and of their role in the production and distribution of products. They are thoroughly trained in their tasks to ensure that all processes are safely, accurately and competently performed.

All Suppliers and raw materials used are required to meet minimum quality specifications, to ensure Brinlay Paints products are of a consistent quality.

Brinlay Paints understands that their products require accurate technical advice on their use. Trained staff is available to advise customers on the use of all Brinlay Paints products. The combination of a quality product with sound advice ensures customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event of customer dissatisfaction, all Brinlay Paints products are 100% guaranteed, with after sales service available.

Although Brinlay Paints has always been committed to continual improvement to our quality in all aspects of our business, the commitment to quality certification is an independent guarantee to our customers that we stand by this policy.

John Miller
Managing Director